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Stop Kiss

by Diana Son

Rude Mechanicals at the University of Michigan
Arthur Miller Theater, Ann Arbor, MI
April 19-21, 2024

Director- Reese Leif
Scenic Designer- Audrey R Tieman
Costume Designer- Matthew Eggers
Lighting Designer- Ethan Hoffman

Design Statement

Stop Kiss is a nonlinear period piece about how a violent hate crime impacts two women on the cusp of a romantic relationship in 1990s New York City. My design aimed to highlight the “reality” of the relationship between Callie and Sarah in her apartment prior to the accident, and the traumatic dissociation of the events outside of the apartment after, while uplifting the director’s thrust-style blocking. I wanted to create a lived-in, almost 1960s era apartment that had been co-opted by a young woman in the 1990s, with the deck paint creating a fractured sense of New York, all centered around the park where the attack took place. 

Production Photos
Drafting and Process
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