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Elizabeth Cree

Composed by Kevin Puts

Libretto by Mark Campbell

Based on the novel by Peter Ackroyd

University Productions at the University of Michigan
Lydia Mendelssohn, Ann Arbor, MI
March 21-24, 2024

Conductor- Kirk Severtson
Stage Director- Gregory B Keller
Scenic Designer- Audrey R Tieman
Costume Designer- Christianne Myers
Lighting Designer- Abi Farnsworth

Design Statement

Elizabeth Cree is a cyclical narrative about one woman’s spiral into violence as a form of control, while confronting the audience's own biases and voyeuristic tendencies. My design aimed to convey the singers trapped in a hell-loop with distinctly “scenic” scenery, based on Victorian music hall performances bandaged with various modern elements as things needed to be replaced. I built a cyclical series of changes to allow the audience to follow the various plotlines, while also giving hints about Elizabeth’s unreliability and giving the feeling of a descent into madness until the final scene, in which we dropped a trap grate and hung a performer.

Production Photos
Drafting and Process
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